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I made the best of the situation by keeping my goals in mind: I wanted Brett to be fully present in our life together, and I wanted him to be happy.


Your Guide for Maintaining a Happy Relationship when Someone You Love Gets Weird


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Praise from NY Times Best Selling Author, 
Whitley Strieber
So they're psychic. Now what?

Your life used to be relatively normal. You had normal problems with normal solutions. Things weren’t always easy but there were resources to consult when an unfamiliar issue arose.

But now your loved one talks to dead people or has disturbing—and accurate—precognitive dreams. Perhaps he or she doesn’t leave the house anymore because they’re flooded with strangers’ emotions while out in public. Sometimes they wake up claiming to have left their body overnight, and you have to admit, they provide details that seem impossible for them to know. Or occasionally, objects “just move” when your significant other is nearby, without a rational explanation.

Welcome to the club.

Some couples are weathering this transition without much difficulty, while others, unfortunately, have been pushed to separation or divorce. Your relationship’s survival depends on your answer to this one question: Are you going to be torn apart by your circumstances or are you going to proactively use this opportunity to become a stronger team?

This is your guidebook for coming out ahead. My advice, combined with your own instincts, will surely help you take command of your situation. You've survived many challenges in life and this is no different. As always, you just need the right information. And now you've found it. 

You'll learn how to: 

  • Differentiate between psychic and psychotic

  • Support yourself so things feel under control

  • Turn relationship challenges into bonding opportunities

  • Help the new psychic bring balance back to their life

  • Talk to other people about what’s happening—whether or not they’re experiencing the same paranormal or supernatural phenomena

  • Be a key player in your partner’s psychic development


Also included: 

  • How psychics perceive the world differently than the rest of us

  • Explanations of the tools and techniques that psychics, mediums, healers, and empaths use in their work and for protection and grounding

  • Comprehensive details about the various types of psychic ability

  • and much more

Finalist, 2017 "Book of the Year" Awards
Independent Author Network
Parenting/Family/Relationships category

6/23/2018: Unfortunately, this review by Whitley has been taken down by Amazon and I'm not sure why.


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