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Animal Communication Testimonials

Kim & John (Santa Monica, CA)

It was amazing how "right on" Crystal was with our two puppies! She brought forward issues that we already knew about but hadn't verbalized or acknowledged yet. She was extremely helpful in understanding our pups and how they relate to each other. This was eye opening to us. I highly recommend her!!

Laure (San Fernando Valley, CA)

Wow...this is so amazing! You were right about things and also her interpretation of what's going on was correct. When she periodically falls back into her old patterns, I remind her about your conversation and then she's very compliant and seems happy to do what I ask! 

Linda (Ventura County, CA)

My dogs are both rescues. One has been with me for over five years and the other for only a year. Crystal was able to connect with them and pretty much tell me how they felt about each other and about their home with me. It was right on! Thank you Crystal.

Manuela (Lincoln City, OR)

I was so pleased to read your conversation with my girls. Interestingly, I feel like the girls understand that what they told you was relayed to me - I feel like it’s brought us all closer - like they feel more comfortable knowing we understand each other. And they’ve been better with each other. In that respect I guess it was like a counseling session for them - they realized how good they have it and stopped stressing about the little things. I’m also so relieved to know they are happy and feel secure. Thank you so much for doing this!

Cathy (Riverside, CA)

You are AWESOME Crystal. AWESOME and spot on.

Leslie (Phoenix, AZ)

Thank you so much for the reading on (my dog). You are right on. I mean right on. You nailed the two-week period leading up to the reading. You just got it perfectly. I’ve had him for 10 years and have never had anybody do a pet psychic reading on me or him so you have given me faith in your craft.

Allen (Los Angeles, CA)


Crystal, you nailed it completely and you've helped us overcome a major wrinkle in our living space. I've also noticed that I can relax more when I leave the animals alone at home now since you helped {cat} reassure me. You've really assisted this household, and your skills are uncanny. Thank you so much for everything.

Bonnie (San Diego, CA)


You have excellent insight into the relationship between my cat and myself. It’s nice to have confirmation that my cat and I are partners and friends with an unconditional and selfless bond that transcends the spoken word.

Vicky (Burbank, CA)

I completely forgot to take the feelings of our beautiful black lab into consideration as my family considers a move out of state. Crystal was able to convey our "girlie's" concerns over being left behind again (she is a rescue that had been abandoned at a not-very-nice shelter). It all made sense after that! Thanks, Crystal, for helping us know how to comfort our girlie during this transitional period in all of our lives.

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