Animal Communication


If your animal is having health issues please get them professional medical attention immediately



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In order to speak to your animal I will need only:

 1) the animal’s name 

 2) a photo of him/her making eye contact with the camera

 3) your list of questions

 4) what you call yourself to them (Daddy? Linda?)

 5) a list of people and other animals in the house

Please also give your pet permission to talk to me.


Price: $200 per session for one animal

Session includes:

  • General check-in with your animal, including asking about their health and happiness 

  • Up to 5 questions, proposed by you* 

  • Written transcript (via email) of my conversation with your animal 

  • Discussion by email or phone for clarification 

  • A follow-up conversation with your animal, if needed 


After you've paid for your session, I will email you to confirm and discuss timing.

*Please do not give background information about the animal or situation when proposing your questions. The colder I go into the reading, the more confident you can feel that I am getting accurate results.


Once I've talked to your animal, I will email my communication with your pet in the form of a transcript, like this:

Crystal: Hi Spot, your mom Allison wants me to ask you some questions, is that OK?

Spot: Yes.

Crystal: Great, thank you. First, she'd like to know why you've started being aggressive toward your brother, Rex.

Spot: Because he broke something and I got punished for it...

You get the idea. 

I feel it's vital to give as much verbatim, specific information as possible instead of simply interpreting the general idea of what the animal is telling me. Sometimes, the smallest phrase or image is a trigger for the pet parent and sets things in motion. It's not my place to decide what will be most important for you to hear, so I give you all of it!


Though some animals have the ability to use words to a small degree, they all use telepathic transmission of "thought-feeling packages," which I record between <> in the transcript. For example:


Spot: <Shows me himself getting "banished" to his crate because he was blamed for breaking something that Rex actually broke,  and Rex is acting smug about it. He's still upset about this both because you falsely think he did something wrong and because Rex doesn't seem to care that he got blamed.>

As I mention frequently, animals use telepathy with each other as their main mode of communication and also, animals have the full range of psychological and emotional traits that humans do, so this idea that Rex was acting "smug" and that Spot could tell simply by reading Rex's mind is entirely plausible and is the kind of thing I hear from animals in sessions all the time. But you can see the difference between the original example, where I was relaying actual words spoken by an animal vs. relaying the thoughts, feelings, and images sent to me by an animal, which I have translated into words myself. 

These conversations usually take me at least an hour and consist not just of literal, point-for-point asking of the questions you proposed. I've worked in mental health and education for over 20 years so my style of eliciting information is more similar to a counseling session than a Q&A session. The conversation often sidetracks into other things the animal wants to discuss since they finally have someone listening! I will always make sure to have your questions addressed but there will often be more than you were expecting.

Be prepared: Your animal may say things you don't want to hear so you have to be ready for that. They may be mad at you about something or they may reveal something you don't necessarily want revealed to a stranger like me. Definitely don't ask a question if you aren't ready to hear the full range of answers that may come from it, including that you might have to change some things you're doing. Don't ask a question that implies they have a choice if they really don't. And don't think you've been fooling them about anything because remember, they're already reading your mind all the time. 



Unlike other forms of psychic work, animal communication isn't about me retrieving information ABOUT your pet from another source (consider it the "collective consciousness" or "zero-point field" or whatever term you prefer). Animal communication is just what it says: communicating WITH an animal. Therefore, I can only know what your animal shares with me, and from their perspective. Just like a human's reporting of a memory or feeling is imperfect at best and can be completely fabricated if they want, the same holds true for our pets. In relation to medical issues, they sometimes know what the problem is but sometimes just know "where it hurts." This is a conversation with a conscious, intelligent being with a soul, not too different from us except in their life experience, and the end product is a reflection of this fact. 

You will often get concrete information that will solve a problem, but not always. What you will always get is insight into who your animal really is. How they're feeling at the time, what their internal thought process is like. You'll get a sense of their "voice" and what they might want to be different in their life. And just like with a human, you can use that deeper understanding to work on improving whatever you think needs to be better.


Also remember that I CANNOT MAKE YOUR ANIMAL DO ANYTHING. People sometimes say, "You told him I want him to stop peeing on the carpet but he's still doing it." To that I can only respond, "If I tell your husband he should stop biting his nails, does that mean he'll just stop doing it?  When you tell your kids to stop leaving their toys in the living room, do they actually suddenly stop being messy?" That's not how this works, right? I use my counseling skills to try to get animals to see the parents' point of view and to understand things the way we want them to (they're using animal logic to figure out how to live in a human-dominated world) and that is often successful! But just as therapy often takes a long time to get through to a client, not all animals can be swayed in just a conversation or two.


So this is why I emphasize what animal communication is and isn't. It IS a communication with your animal that will give you lots of insight into what's going on. It IS a method that often produces results such as changes in behavior or information about physical issues that are causing problems. It IS a process that often makes people cry because they can feel their animal coming through to them. It ISN'T a magic pill.


I do animal communication strictly through emailed photos. I do not need to meet with you and your animal, which means that there is no travel required and you do not need to allow me, a stranger, into your personal space. 

While it may seem counterintuitive, I prefer not to have much interaction with or detailed information about you or your animal before doing a reading. I try to avoid anything that can lead to doubt on your part that what I say is genuinely a communication from your animal, instead of being deductive reasoning or "animal whispering" (the use of body language and other direct interaction techniques to alter behavior).

With a photo I can “tune in” to your animal and initiate a conversation. If your animal refuses to talk to me for whatever reason I will refund your money immediately. This happens occasionally because they have the full range of personality traits that humans have, including stubbornness, shyness, etc. However, most of the time they are eager to talk because they’re excited to finally have this clear line of communication and they understand that what they tell me will be shared with their human families. 

After I finalize the initial transcript I will send it to you by email. I generally don’t offer analysis at that point because the information is intended for you, not for me! (In this way animal communication is similar to having a reading by a medium or psychic--personal interpretation by the practitioner is inappropriate and merely an interference.) But after you review the notes we can discuss them by email or phone, if you'd like. If further clarification is needed I will speak to your animal once again for that purpose. 

This cycle for one animal is what I consider a "session" and unlike many other communicators, I charge on a per-session basis instead of a per-minute basis. 




Different pet psychics have different styles, just like therapists.
Be sure to find the one that matches your needs and preferences. 

They're using animal logic in a human-dominated world.




Lots of people use animal communication in lieu of more traditional training techniques, or they try it when those standard methods have failed to produce the desired results.

Personally, I like the idea using animal communication for "behavior mod" whenever possible because I feel it's the most respectful way to reach a mutually agreeable outcome. Just as you would problem solve with a human member of your family through the sharing of perspectives, you can often do the same with your animals.

Sometimes what we consider a problem is really the result of a genuine misunderstanding. They're using animal logic in a human-dominated world, so it's inevitable that they often miss the mark (by our standards).

For example, I worked with a man and his recently adopted Norwich terrier. He clearly adored this little dog, but since he'd brought him home he couldn't get him to stop peeing and pooping in the guest room. It took only one conversation to clear up the confusion. This lovely little dog was trying so hard to please his new dad and was consequently emulating his elimination behavior. No, the man wasn't using the guest room! But what the dog saw was that humans go into the most private space possible to do their business, and so when he had the urge to go and didn't have access to the backyard, he would find the most private space possible to do his business--which just happened to be the guest room.

So here was a dog, trying desperately to do the right thing, with results that were seen through human eyes as the pinnacle of bad behavior, maybe even defiance.

Well, we got it straightened out so everyone was happy. He really does adore that little dog. I'm so glad I could help smooth out a rough patch in their new relationship so they could have a long, loving life together.


Sometimes, animals are trying to give us messages that seem obvious in retrospect, once we hear their reasoning.

For the past few years, one client's aging cat had insisted on waking her up to play in the middle of the night, or under the pretense of needing to go outside but then the cat would just sit at the door for a while.

When the woman was finally fed up and feeling negative health effects due to disrupted sleep, she called me.

According to the cat, who was increasingly feeling her age, the woman was always busy and distracted, even when she was at home. Consequently, the cat would wake her up in the middle of the night because it was the only time during the day that the woman would focus on her for a few minutes.

I shared this information with her person, who admitted that the cat was right. We brainstormed some ideas and she decided that each day, as she came home from work, she would immediately set down her stuff and pay attention to the cat for a few minutes. I explained this new plan to the cat and encouraged her to do so, also.

The very next day she called me, excited because the cat had let her sleep all night for the first time in years. There hadn't even been a day to implement the new plan, the cat was just responding to our conversation and the promise of a new arrangement!

The woman checked in with me weekly for a while to report her continued pleasure at finally getting to sleep through the night and the way she knew this change in behavior was affirming that she was now doing right by her feline friend.

Just a few brief examples of how a loving conversation with your pet can lead to qualitative changes in daily household functioning. Let me help you get things back on track, too.